FYI I'm with the players on this one.

I've bled orange and blue for 40 years and will to the day I die. I was in the stands for Piazza's homer after 9/11 and was booed incessantly for being in the Dodger Stadium mezz during deGrom's playoff win in 2015. I celebrate the wins and accept the losses like a real fan.

I hated how Shea booed Beltran incessantly when he first signed and every other instance of kicking a man when he's down. We've undoubtedly had great players decide against signing because of that kind of toxic culture. How much more success could we have had if we had shown support rather than suffocate greatness and accelerate demise??

Just sayin - save the boo-birds for the opposing team or at the end of a bad inning/game. If people are paying to come and boo our team after every at bat to create a self-fulfilling prophecy - I don't want to pay to be at those games. I'm a fan too and don't want to be a part of that kind of toxic environment


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